We believe strongly in experiential learning where you can be exposed to ideas, have the opportunity to try concepts and techniques out and then choose a course of action that is right for you.

Over the last half century, many organizations have implemented continuous improvement, lean manufacturing or kaizen programs and methodologies. The basic principle behind these initiatives is a desire to relaunch with improved processes, resource usage or other outcomes.

At CCI, we apply this mindset and principles to workforces. We know that learning is lifelong and that careers, employment, jobs, skills and labour markets continuously shift and change. You don't have to have the complete solution worked out before you can start testing some of the key assumptions that may be at play.

We want our clients to develop the capacity and competence to continuously improve in their own careers, their own leadership and their own community impact.

It's an ambitious goal, to foster a sense of continuous improvement in workforces across North America and the world. We're convinced that as we move forward into the future of work, lifelong learning and career ownership will be critical to unlocking opportunities that lead to career success and creating a workforce that is your competitive advantage.

Learn more from Challenge Factory's founder, Lisa Taylor, in the video below:

Program Curriculum

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    Continuous Improvement & Your Teams

    • Getting to Know You

    • Welcome!

    • Continuous Improvement

    • Course Outline

    • Video - Why Learn With Challenge Factory

    • Article - Lifelong Learning: The Art and Science of Career Reinvention “Iteration”

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    Career Resilience

    • Introduction to Career Resilience

    • Article - Let’s Talk About It: Embracing Career Ownership in Disruptive Times

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    Before You Go

    • Are We Right For You?

    • Survey Debrief

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