Welcome! Clients often tell us that they have known for a while that they needed to make a career change, but something held them back. It can feel risky.

Many clients wonder if it is too late to make a change. Others can’t imagine what else they would do either inside of their existing organizations or in a new field. These programs keep all of your options on the table. And step you through a variety of career related activities with one goal in mind - to ensure you are successful AND satisfied in your work, at every age and stage. 

Programs are listed separately and we’ve found that many clients like to work one step at a time. Your first program should be the one that relates most closely to your immediate goals. However, if you already know you are committed to changing roles or careers, you might want to bundle the programs together, starting with Map My Career, to create and activate your plan. 

Whether you chose a single program or choose to bundle them all together, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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Individual Testimonials

“The CF team of talented, knowledgeable and caring people spent many hours working with me over the course of a six-month period.  Peeling back layers, listening, coaching, challenging and questioning my thinking; helping me distill pages and pages of information (gathered using formal online tools, assessments and from my personal experiences) to ultimately bulls-eye my career Sweetspot. ”

Plus-50 Media Executive 

“[Challenge Factory's] approach is so unique and insightful. The program started with a comprehensive 73 page report all about me. The report was fascinating and I felt every insight was legitimate. It got me in touch with my talents and provided a foundation for the journey I was on. ”

Chief Operating Officer exploring future opportunities

“Lisa and her colleagues at Challenge Factory are truly experts in helping people steer towards the right career path.”

Financial Services Executive ready for next step in her career

“Taking stock of one’s career is a great exercise. All too often you see folks feeling like they are being forced to continue on a particular path and not always seeing that they can choose what could be a great career move. I found Challenge Factory as I was doing this exercise. Their approach, though a carefully crafted review of where I want to be… rather than where I have to be… helped to define my vision for my future. ”

IT Sales and Technical Manager exploring turning a hobby into a Legacy Career