You may know some companies or leaders that have advisory boards to help them test new ideas and stay connected with customer and market trends.

But have you ever thought about building an advisory board to help you navigate your own career?

It’s actually a very powerful way to expand your network and continuously improve your own career options and opportunities

A career advisory board can: 

  • Be a sounding board when you have tough decisions to make

  • Introduce you to people you never realized you could be connected to

  • Keep you accountable over a long period of time so that goals you set today you see through

  • Identify when new possibilities are emerging that may not have hit your radar

For many people, close family and friends are not in the best position to provide you with feedback.  

That’s why we’ve developed this short introductory program – to help you build a career advisory board that helps you as you navigate the changing world of work. 

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Create a Career Advisory Board

    • What your board can do for you

    • Shortcast - A quick 3-min podcast about Career Advisory Boards

    • Article - Your Personal Board of Directors

  • 2

    Get Started On Your Own Career Advisory Board

    • Who Do I Know?

    • What Do I Need?

    • How Should I Contact Them?

  • 3

    Where are you now?

    • Assess Your Career Mindset