Master your Hiring

Discover employer-tested ways to find, hire, and retain the exceptional employees you need to thrive this year

This MasterClass is designed to help employers and hiring managers leverage the power of hidden talent pools—like Canada’s military Veterans. With a focus on shifting culture and capacity, you'll walk away with bite-sized, proactive steps for building a reusable action plan and onboarding system. Valued at $599, this free program equips you with an easy-to-follow roadmap to reach skilled, sustainable hires.

What we're hearing from business owners

"Things feel less risky, and I can start to plan our growth again."

  • "I just can't afford to hire the wrong person."

    Over three quarters of small- to medium-sized businesses have challenges hiring and keeping staff. With an average of 70% of operating costs going to wages and benefits, this means most of you are struggling with a big, expensive problem that limits your growth potential.

  • "It's a struggle to fill skilled roles in my organization."

    Finding the right talent means tapping into fresh, new ideas. That can feel daunting without a roadmap. With an easy-to-implement onboarding process and a hidden talent pool ripe for exploration, you can compete with big employer brands for quality hires.

  • "I can't pay employees more while continuing to lose staff."

    Paying more in wages seems simple enough, but this doesn’t necessarily lead to retention. Keeping great people is just as vital as finding them. Learn how integrating simple career management solutions helps both employees and businesses thrive.

  • "Hiring a Veteran never occurred to me."

    Canada’s military Veterans are so much more than the common stereotypes we picture or what we see in movies. Most are mid-career, highly educated, and looking to offer their work ethic, leadership, and skills to employers like you.

  • "I have no energy to deal with turnover."

    To run a business, even in crisis mode, there are patterns and processes that can guide you. You are not all on your own. There are bite-sized steps you can put in place to make hiring manageable and successful.

  • "How would I even find a Veteran jobseeker?"

    Each year, thousands of Veterans enter the civilian workforce as keen jobseekers. Chances are you already know a Veteran, or have some in your networks. Explore easy ways to tap into this rich, hidden talent pool.

Hear about the MasterClass from fellow business leaders

“This MasterClass directly tackles the core concerns of employers—no time or resources, it’s risky, and it’s complicated to embark on a new approach to hiring. With snack-sized, digestible, and engaging content (interviews, quizzes, discussion questions), learning is made easy. The addition of templates, checklists, and additional resources add value.”

Sharon Ferriss, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications, CERIC

“A go-to for understanding the extremely talented and resourceful Veteran workforce, and to get the most out of your time and theirs. You will use it again and again.”

Bob Bérubé, Operations & Corporate Services, Scotiabank

“Veterans at heart are servant leaders. Whether they are leading their own business or contributing to the success of another, their curious, innovative, and collaborative nature is an asset to any organization.”

Kathleen Kilgour, Senior Program Manager, Prince’s Trust Canada: Operation Entrepreneur

“Whether you are considering hiring Veterans, are curious about what military training brings to the workforce, or need a just-in-time guide before an interview, this is reliable and well-informed.”

Maj. Jennifer Quesnel, Special Advisor, Directorate of Transition Services and Policy, Department of National Defence

“A fantastic quest and one that every Canadian can support. It’s a win-win for Veterans, Employers, and Canada.”

Tony Chapman, Brand Strategist, Chatter That Matters Podcast Host

“This is a great practical tool for employers looking to explore the strong, largely untapped labour pool of military Veterans. It deals with the three major challenges of sourcing (How can I access Veterans?), assessing (How can I interview and evaluate the skills and character traits they bring to the table?), and onboarding (How can I launch them successfully in our corporate culture?). It has very good content, including links to other valuable tools, and is very professionally packaged.”

Bruce McAlpine, President, Fulcrum Search Science Inc.

Hear from a Veteran who transitioned to the civilian workforce

"I wish I had this in 2010 when I left the military. I think it's incredibly valuable for employers, and this captures things I learned about myself as a Veteran in the 11+ years I’ve been in the civilian workplace.

As a business owner, I’d want to know and understand what my return on investment would be for a lot of things, but the people would be number one. The MasterClass will help employers better understand what hiring a Veteran means and how to go about setting both themselves and the Veteran up for success.

What a Veteran will bring to their business cannot be taught in a classroom; it’s learned through experience. I strongly recommend the MasterClass for employers struggling with hiring challenges, as I know the return on investment they would receive when hiring Veterans.

I knew we were creating something worthwhile, but I had no idea it would be this good, and this useful."

 Master Corporal (Ret’d) Chris Stoyles, Veteran, and now, Assistant Superintendent, Multiplex Global

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