Recently, a friend of Challenge Factory described the mood around his leadership table as being “pragmatically pessimistic.” 

We know that leadership is particularly challenging with so much uncertainty and this Summit is designed to bring leadership teams together, acknowledge just how challenging it is right now and set you on a path that feels like you know how to navigate through the uncertainty and that you have the capacity to address the unique situations that are arising day by day.    

Leadership can’t take the summer off and the strategic planning cycle can’t sit on pause indefinitely. Whether you and your team explore a single module from this program or use its entire framework and resources to guide you into the fall, every section has been designed to help ensure you emerge Recovery Ready.   

Modules in this program can be purchases as individual leadership/strategy sessions or as part of a comprehensive curriculum. 

Each client will work with a Challenge Factory consultant to customize the materials, delivery methods and outcomes to meet your organizational challenges head-on and bolstering your corporate culture.  

Learn more from Challenge Factory's founder, Lisa Taylor, in the video below:

Modules in this program include:

  • Recovery Ready Leadership: The profile of a successful or ideal leader within your organization may have shifted. And what used to work in terms of leading, managing and motivating teams may no longer be working. Let’s explore what it means to be a leader at this moment in time and identify where your team is strong and where there are gaps in skills, competences, abilities and behaviours.

  • Recovery Ready Resilience: Leaders and employees have been working in less than ideal circumstances for many months and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This module gives practical guidance for how to better understand stress across seven indexes so that your leadership team and staff avoid burnout and stay focused on achieving great results, together.

  • Recovery Ready Culture: Your organization has a culture that is based on core values – whether they are stated or not. And, in times of crises strong cultures rely on those values to help them navigate uncertain terrain. It’s therefore only logical that your culture is a significant part of how you will react, resume and recover from any and all conditions thrown at you. This module reinforces how leaders can rely on your common values to help them navigate complex situations and challenging conversations.

  • Recovery Ready Reflection: Over the past few months, we’ve led our organizations through enormous, rapid change. While it wasn’t perfect and should not be considered a fully “controlled experiment” in anything, there are lessons to be learned. So let’s focus on what was surprising – the good and the bad – about work in the last few months to build on what we’ve learned and advance our own competitive advantage.

  • Recovery Ready Planning: You don’t have all of the data you need to put together a traditional strategic plan. There are so many unanswered questions about consumer demand, supply chains, employee wellness, facility readiness, nevermind the trajectory of the virus itself. Add in new awareness of systemic discrimination within workplace structures and it may seem like exactly the wrong time to try to make a plan. But we disagree. We know this is hard stuff and will walk your team through a process that ensures you have a recovery ready plan to guide your organization through the next year.

  • Recovery Ready Measurement: How will you know when it is time to move into the next phase of your re-opening and recovery plan? Governments are setting dates and frameworks, but what cues and data do you want to be watching for to guide how and when you initiate new strategies, launch new products, hire new employees and activate your recovery ready plan? You need metrics and frameworks unique to your people and plan. That’s why we’ve included this module – to ensure you can measure your recovery and support your leaders with data customized to your plan, culture and priorities.