Why Now?

Many indicators are saying that a financial boom is coming. The Bank of Canada is forecasting growth of around 6.5% this year, and after a year of financial prudence, Canadians are more likely to start spending in high numbers. This means growth is coming for us as business owners.  

While the excitement of increased sales, revenue, and profit is tantalizing, it is matched by the challenges of keeping and attracting talent, staying efficient, and the other pains associated with growth. Furthermore, the pandemic has reshaped the expectations of many consumers and forced us to think about how we run our businesses and how our teams do their work.  

On the heels of our August offering, we are delivering a second people-centric  virtual summit delivered live over four mornings in the Fall. You’ll be connected with an engaged peer group of other leaders in real-time to renew and prepare for what’s coming.  Please watch for future dates or contact us now for details.

Why this?

In a relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere, you’ll have the support of others facing the same challenges as you. This four-part summit takes participants through a series of practical activities and resources to help you assess where you are, decide where you want to be, and ensure that you have actionable, measurable techniques to shape your signature Future of Work.  

We are asking better questions, like:  

  • Does your leadership team have the skills and competencies it needs to excel in the coming years? How do you know? How would it feel to be certain?  
  • Is your culture giving you the results that you want?  
  • Has your strategy considered the groundbreaking changes that are on the horizon?  
  • Are you effectively measuring any or all the above?  

It’s one thing to work through these questions on your own. However, it’s another to accompany and see fellow leaders who are working through these challenges too. Leadership, culture, strategy, and measurement all play key roles in recovery. We will focus on each of these in-depth, together.  

Are you ready? 

Do you have the tools that you need to get your team, your culture, and your business strategies ready, and can you measure these tools?

Why Us?

Lisa Taylor is a sought-after expert, speaker, and columnist on today’s changing world of work. As President of Challenge Factory and the Centre for Career Innovation, Lisa offers invaluable leadership and insights about the Future of Work —with a focus on how talent equity, demographics, the freelance economy, and new market dynamics present opportunities to gain strategic workforce and career advantage. She is the author of The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work and the Retain and Gain series of career management playbooks for small businesses, non-profits, and charities.
Emree Siaroff is a strategic, results, and change-oriented leader with over 25 years of domestic and global human resources experience in the retail, commodities, manufacturing, and professional services industries. He offers the knowledge and passion to see the organization as a whole and how the human resources function can engage its people and therefore deliver sustainable value by enabling the business. He believes that companies, and the people within them, are integral players in the ongoing development of our global and local communities.


Session 1 – Your Leadership Team - Leadership: Everything starts with a team that plays well together. How Recovery Ready™ are your leaders? What should you do to grow the team you need?  

Session 2 – Your Organization’s Culture – The pandemic has shifted what matters most to people. How can you know the impact 2020-2021 has had on your culture? What will foster the culture you want as you reintegrate teams?  

Session 3 – Your Strategy - We are exiting a crisis in the middle of technological, environmental, and talent-based revolutions. What does a revolutionary recovery plan look like?  

Session 4 – Measurement - We reject claims that “no one knows” how the future will pan out. How can you create metrics and dashboards that keep you ahead of trends? How do you measure hard-to-assess employee needs, interests, and shifts before they emerge as issues? 

Selected testimonials...

“Un gros merci.... wow you guys hit it out of the park. What an amazing session, and I can't thank you enough.”

Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of Canada

“I thought it was outstanding. It was wonderful to see the authentic interactions between people and the reflections people were making. I thought it was a very worthwhile use of our time.”

Dean of Science, Canadian University

“Lisa is the best strategist I know. Few people possess the capability to both DEVELOP AND EXECUTE a strategy. Translating a vision takes skill, but operationalizing it by "bringing the ropes to the ground" is even more rare. Lisa brings innovation, creativity and a brilliance to her work like none other. ”

Global Marketing Manager, IT Services Company