Imagine a lab

One that has people, practices, tools and timing that allow creativity to flourish. One that thrives on both experimentation and legacy.

Consider a challenge

One that circles in your mind. One that could use an outside, informed perspective.

What if?

What if you stopped cycling through the same ideas and used made-to-order solutions? 

Solutions that exist at in the spaces between Future of Work, Revolutionary Change and Career Development.

These are the spaces we create in.

What if you had an experiential learning lab at your fingertips, ready to design bespoke curriculum and facilitation?

Imagine that.


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“Translating a vision takes skill, but operationalizing it by 'bringing the ropes to the ground' is even more rare. Lisa and her team bring innovation, creativity and a brilliance to their work like none other. I would always want her on my team.”

– Global Marketing Manager, IT Services Company

“You have elevated my thinking about how asynchronous content can be presented. This is evocative, engaging and exciting.”

-Online Curriculum Development Client

“Challenge Factory brings intelligence and new thinking to every initiative. Their enthusiasm and energy creates momentum and their attention to project management sustains it. A team you can count on. ”

- Talent Management Leader, Professional Association