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What we're hearing from business owners

"Things feel less risky, and I can start to plan our growth again."

  • "Hiring a Veteran never occurred to me."

    Canada’s military Veterans are so much more than the common stereotypes we picture or what we see in movies. Most are mid-career, highly educated, and looking to offer their work ethic, leadership, and skills to employers like you.

  • "I'm confident that I'm hiring the right people."

    Most small- to medium-sized businesses have challenges hiring and keeping staff, and an average of 70% of operating costs go to wages and benefits. Not having to struggle with this big, expensive problem that limits growth potential feels very uplifting.

  • "It's easier to fill my skilled roles now."

    Finding the right talent means tapping into fresh, new ideas. That can feel daunting without a roadmap. With an easy-to-implement onboarding process and a hidden talent pool ripe for exploration, you can compete with big employer brands for quality hires.

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