When it comes to career and leadership courses there are many options. Often, who you decide to work with depends on how well the company understands you and your needs. Afterall, careers are personal and issues related to people management are never cookie-cutter.  

That’s why we created this brief introduction. It’s a chance for you to hear from our President and learn a little about our work. We wanted to remove any risk, barriers or obstacles that might prevent you from experiencing how our programs work, what types of questions we ask and why our publications and resources are in high demand across North America. 

Learn more from Challenge Factory's founder, Lisa Taylor, in the video below:

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Get To Know Challenge Factory

    • Getting to Know You

    • Welcome!

    • Course Outline

    • Video - Introduction to Challenge Factory

    • Video - The Future of Work

  • 2

    Are We Right For You?

    • International Learnings

    • Are We Right For You?

    • Survey Debrief

  • 3

    Before You Go

    • Before You Go...