As with recruiting any other talent, there’s no shortcut to finding Veterans who are looking for work. There are, however, plenty of targeted steps you can take and supports you can draw on.

Above all, remember to be flexible, stay positive, embrace trial and error, and adjust your approach as needed.

Your first four steps in detail

1. Look for Referrals

Start by asking your current employees if any of them are Veterans or Reservists, or know someone who is. Military and Veteran communities are tightknit and work hard to facilitate job opportunities for each other. They can give you recruitment leads and help spread the word that you're hiring.

When you connect with one person, an entire network will open up to you.

2. Join VAC's Veteran Ready Mailing List

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) provides hiring resources and support to its network of Veteran Ready employers.

Email [email protected].

In a short email, communicate your interest in hiring Veterans. VAC will be in touch with next steps. 

3. Join VAC's LinkedIn Group

The Hire a Veteran/Embauchez un vétéran LinkedIn group run by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) connects employers, Veterans, and CAF members. Post your job opportunities and learn from other Veteran-ready employers.

Join the LinkedIn group.

4. Get on

The Government of Canada's Job Bank has a dedicated section for recruiting Veterans. It allows employers to advertise their open positions directly to Veterans. Employers are able to 1) view a list of jobseeker profiles that match the position requirements, and 2) invite matching Veterans to apply with one click.

Visit Job Bank.

Post a job.

Looking for more hiring tools and tips?

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