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We design made-to-order curriculum and training, creating in the spaces between Future of Work, Revolutionary Change and Career Development.

We work with leading organizations that want to be recovery ready, crave normality, and view disruption as opportunity. Our innovative, continuous learning approach to career and workforce development drives a more human-centric future of work.

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The Centre for Career Innovation is powered by Challenge Factory and is the future-focused lab for innovative curriculum, creative community and exponential collaboration. Start with our free introductory programs to learn more.

Testimonials from the CCI community

“With all the benefits of having completed the Challenge Factory program, I'm excited about finding my next role within a GTA based organization, I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and work at what I love doing - growing business and delivering results.”

50-Plus Media Executive

“Lisa presented a great virtual training ...on a very famous topic in the era of COVID-19 "Tools for Working Remotely"...Her presentation had so many activities that engaged all the participants throughout the training online. I would definitely recommend her to any settlement organizations or non-for-profits, that are seeking for virtual Professional Development Day for their staff and managers. ”

Executive Director, Non-Profit

“Lisa and her colleagues at Challenge Factory are truly experts in helping people steer towards the right career path. In addition to a well thought out process to identify the intersection of skills, interests, personal needs and the realities in the marketplace, Lisa has an exceptional ability to open your eyes to opportunities you may never have know existed.”

Banking Executive

“My whole job hunt changed. When I first started I was all over the map. I didn't know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go. I was searching for roles that were comfortable and familiar...If it weren't for Challenge Factory I would likely be targeting jobs I did my entire career and not necessarily jobs that inspire me. ”

Screenwriter & Owner of Creative Firm