Leadership today requires new approaches, skills and expertise. And—no matter if you have been a leader for decades or are managing your first team, there is no manual to guide you through many of the challenges and choices that you face. 

It can be lonely and stressful as you navigate your own career, assist your employees with their careers and achieve expected business results. Even highly successful leaders are finding it challenging to make decisions in today’s environment and worry that they might not have the stamina to continue leading through so much uncertaintyThat’s why we’ve developed this program. 

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Building Team Capacity in Turbulent Times

    • Getting to Know You

    • Understanding Personal & Team Resiliency

    • What Can Your Team Expect From This Program

  • 2

    Change vs. Transition

    • How To Reach The “Next Normal”

    • Understanding Reactions to Change

  • 3

    Impact of Workplace Stress on Careers

    • Understanding the Impact of Stress on Leadership

    • Embracing Career Ownership in Disruptive Times

    • Reflections On Personal Career Ownership and Control

  • 4

    Understanding Your Own Stress & Resiliency

    • Preparing to Assess Your Stress Quotient

    • Completing Your Stress Quotient Assessment

    • Using Your Personal and Team Report to Move from Stress to Resiliency

  • 5

    Team Workshop

    • Navigating Disruption As a Team

    • Agenda for Team Workshop on Values-Based Leadership

    • OPTIONAL – Request a Facilitator to Lead Your Team Workshop

    • Your Step-by-Step Guide for the Team Workshop

  • 6

    Further Exploration into Resiliency and Values-Based Leadership

    • Book Your Coaching Session

    • Meet with Your Leadership Coach

    • Conclusion

    • Debrief Survey


Includes: Innovative curriculum and exercises, team workshop, Leadership Assessment & a coaching session with a career innovation coach.

Please note: Pricing is in CAD dollars, and includes HST. Please contact us for USD/International pricing by clicking here.