Whether your team is working from home, or in different geographies around the world, this program will provide practical learning and activities you can start using right away. 

Managing teams that don’t work face to face is challenging – it isn’t easy to establish trust or develop strong working relationships when you can’t meet in person to address concerns. And—while many get used to working remotely – it may not be new to you – few leaders say they feel like they are at their best leading in remote environments. That’s why we’ve developed this program. 

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Fostering Engagement on Remote Teams

    • Getting to Know You

    • Adjusting to a More Permanent Remote Environment

    • What To Expect From This Program

  • 2

    A Deep Dive Into Your Remote Management Style

    • Preparing To Assess Your Remote Management Style

    • Using Your “Working From Home” Report to Foster Engagement

  • 3

    The Importance of Work Style in Remote Work

    • Decrypting Your Work Style

    • My Style vs. My Team's Style

  • 4

    Retain & Gain: Career Management Techniques

    • Important Information for this Activity

    • Meaningful Connections For Remote Teams

    • Building Strong Team Relationships

  • 5

    Further Exploration Into Remote Work

    • Book Your Coaching Session

    • Meet with Your Leadership Coach

    • Conclusion

    • Debrief Survey


Includes: Innovative curriculum & exercises, Leadership Assessment & a 1:1 coaching session with a career innovation coach.

Please note: Pricing is in CAD dollars, and includes HST. Please contact us for USD/International pricing by clicking here.