Pursuing professional development—whether you want to optimize your performance in a current role, consider a drastic career change, or explore exciting entrepreneurial pursuits—requires a great degree of self awareness.

However, it is difficult to know how to get started. In this program, we created a custom curriculum to guide you through understanding who you really are.

During this program, you will conduct a deep dive into your personal and professional identity, your past successes and setbacks, and your future career possibilities. The following lessons include an in-depth psychometric assessment and innovative activities designed to leverage and build on your results from the assessment. 

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    How Reflection Builds a Stronger Future

    • Getting to Know You

    • What To Expect From This Program

  • 2

    Supercharge Your Connections, Collaboration & Productivity

    • Preparing to Assess Your Emotional Quotient

    • Completing Your EQ Assessment

    • Using your EQ Report to Identify Career Blindspots

    • Book Your Coaching Session

    • Meet 1:1 with Your Coach

  • 3

    What Patterns and Themes Recur in Your Career?

    • Understanding Your Career Past

    • How Your Sweetspot Reveals Career Secrets

    • The SweetSpot Methodology

  • 4

    What if I want more than a job? Building a Career Plan

    • Developing Your Career Portfolio Plan

    • Identify Activities That Provide Stability

    • Identify Hobbies & Interests That Energize

    • Identify New Ventures That Get the Blood Flowing

    • Managing Your Most Critical Resource: Time

    • Revising Your Plan

    • Upload Your Career Portfolio Plan Workbook

  • 5

    How Can You Learn From Your Past?

    • Applying Continuous Testing To your Career Story

    • Writing Your Alternate Lives

    • Write Your Past, Present & Future Career Story

    • Book Your Debriefing Coaching Session

    • Meet 1:1 with Your Coach


Includes: Innovative curriculum & exercises, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, & two 1:1 coaching sessions with a career innovation coach.

Please note: Pricing is in CAD dollars, and includes HST. Please contact us for USD/International pricing by clicking here.