Making a career move—whether it’s finding a new job, changing industries, or starting an entrepreneurial endeavour—is always an important event in life. While the prospect of a big change is exciting and filled with possibilities, it can also be incredibly stressful.

Regardless of the stage you're at in your life and professional development, career moves entail taking an active step into the unknown. The stress of that unknown can stop us cold in our careers, and oftentimes we're left to find our way through it without support or guidance. That’s why we’ve developed this program.

The following lessons will help you define your career success criteria. Through this intentional mapping, you'll ensure that the next move you make in your career is achievable, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Finding Your Next Step

    • Why this? Why now?

    • A Confident Approach To Your Career

    • What to Expect From This Program

  • 2

    An Introduction to The Sweetspot Approach

    • How Your Sweetspot Reveals Your Success Secrets

    • The SweetSpot Methodology

    • What Are You Uniquely Great At?

    • What Else Is A Part Of Your Sweetspot Career?

    • Defining The SweetSpot Approach

    • Your Roadmap For This Program

  • 3

    Where do you “Fit?” - Your Workplace Style, Behaviours and Motivators

    • Preparing to take your Leadership Assessment

    • Completing Your Leadership Assessment

    • Using Your Personal Leadership Report

    • Meet 1:1 with Your Coach

  • 4

    Clearing Roadblocks

    • How To Set Doubts Aside & Get Out Of Your Own Way

    • Turning Your “Yeah Buts” Into Sweetspot Career Clues

    • Exploring Potential Career Opportunities

    • Recording Your Career Options

  • 5

    Building Your SweetSpot

    • Start Building Your SweetSpot

    • What Unique Talents Do You Bring to Your Career?

    • What Do You Care About?

    • What Do You Need From Your Career?

    • What Impact Can You Make?

  • 6

    Bringing Your Sweetspot Into Focus

    • Book Your Second Coaching Session

    • Meet 1:1 with Your Coach

  • 7

    Using Your Map

    • Meet 1:1 with Your Coach

Pricing options

Includes: Innovative curriculum and exercises, Leadership Assessment, and two 1:1 coaching sessions with a career innovation coach.

Please note: Pricing is in CAD dollars, and includes HST. Please contact us for USD/International pricing by clicking here.