Ignite Your Career is a three-part, self-paced program designed for people looking to make stronger connections, at any stage in their career,  between the work they do and the world around them. It helps them communicate these connections in a collaborative way with the people that matter, from family & friends to employers & networks. 


After close to two years of constant change, people are asking more questions than ever about their work, lives, stretch goals, learning, and careers. We want them to find the answers. 

What if we could satisfy individual career curiosity while building career management and coaching  inside the places we work? 


Strong career development is linked to better mental wellness. It leads to more confident and creative teams. It fosters a sense of belonging that comes from understanding how work connects with personal values. 


Take this opportunity to envision, craft, collaborate, and ignite a new passion for your career. 

Program includes

  • Online Learning Platform with 20+ Career Curriculum Lessons that de-myth-defy work and help you shape a future you want

  • Worksheets and Action Plans to help you craft your career, motivating tangible steps forward

  • Personal brand building , strategies for challenging conversations, and beyond.


Includes: Innovative curriculum, worksheets and action plans.

Please note: Pricing is in CAD dollars, and excludes HST. Please contact us for USD/International pricing by clicking here.

Program Description

A hand drawn image of a person on a sailboat in the ocean, looking at the Dread, Dreams and Delight Venn diagram.

Module 1: Imagine

Imagine the best, most audacious version of yourself. 

Your future is just being written, by you. A hand drawn image of a person swimming through polluted, choppy water to get to an island with lush green fields and mountains

Your choices today are creating the Future of Work not only for yourself, but also for everyone you meet along the way. 

We hear: 

"I hope the new normal is better, I wonder what it will be like?" 

But can we ask better questions? 

What are you going to do to ensure your career and life move in a direction that is supportive of the future you want to create? 

What actions are you going to take individually and where can you find support?

Module 2: Improvise

At this very moment, we can find ourselves inhabiting what feels like entirely different worlds. 

A hand-drawn image of a person on their personal journey to the land of dream—a beautiful mountain. To their left is the valley of delight, filled with sun, trees, and a river. To their right is the valley of dread, where the earth is covered in sand and darkness prevails. Those who are at work in the valley of dread seem hard-pressed to escape.

The World of Dread, where we live when we feel most pessimistic, the World of Dreams, for our hopes and imagination, and the World of Delight, brimming full of optimism.

We hear: 

"What do we do about the oncoming Big Quit?"


"How do I realign my day-to-day work with my realigned goals and values?"

But if we ask better questions... 

Career conversations are the greatest tool to retain and gain talent and engage in meaningful work. 

How are you creating space and time to talk to each other, employee to employer, job seeker to recruiter, network to network?

Module 3: Ignite

Doesn't it feel like right now is a moment to spark career magic? 

A hand drawn image of a person staring into a landscape of burnt trees, but their thought cloud visualizes a blue sky and full green trees. The words "Power of Perception" underneath

Your choices, your worlds, your organization - this alchemy ensures you get lit up about your work and future.

We hear: 

"Yeah I want to work in line with my values, but how can I do that in a struggling economy? Isn’t that self-indulgent?"

But if we can ask better questions... 

If everyone is a genius in the right context, how can reflection, conversation, and career ownership become the driving forces to finding that context and helping ourselves and our teams excel?