Even the strongest leaders sometimes stumble in how they communicate. Add in working remotely and increasingly challenging business situations and it’s no wonder that demand for communications support is on the rise. Many employees, managers and leaders shy away from tough conversation uncertain if their message will be heard or well-received.  

That’s why we’ve created this program. It’s an opportunity for you to complete a formal communications assessment and receive feedback. It also includes an opportunity for you to test out new techniques and approaches and reflect on what works best for you.  

Program Curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Why Some Conversations are So Challenging

    • Getting to Know You

    • Focusing on Your Communications Profile

    • Supercharging Your Communication Style

  • 2

    Communication & Career Success

    • Supercharging Your Communication Style

  • 3

    Decrypting Your Communication Style

    • Preparing to Take the Communication Inventory Assessment

    • Book Your Coaching Session

    • Meet with Your Coach for a Group Debrief and Discussion

  • 4

    What Have I Learned?

    • Reflecting on Your Conversation Challenges & Strengths

    • Boosting Your Communications into the Long Term

    • Debrief Survey

Pricing options

Program includes: formal psychometric assessment, personalized communication style report, personalized “Working from Home” remote communications report, and a 1:1 coaching session with a career innovation coach.

Please note: Pricing is in CAD dollars, and includes HST. Please contact us for USD/International pricing by clicking here.